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The Brothers Apothecary Peace Hemp CBD Flower Smoking Blend

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A gentle, soul-soothing remedy of lavender, rose, lotus, spearmint and Wild Dagga, blended for a deeper peace.?

Our Peace Hemp CBD Flower Smoking Blend is a small-batch infusion of hemp flower + medicinal herbs and botanicals. Peace is?soul-soothing blend, inspiring restfulness, balance, and relaxation, and centering. The lightly floral, semi-sweet smoking combination includes Lavender, Rose, Lotus, Spearmint, Wild Dagga and the finest CBD hemp flower.

Each herb has been chosen for its specific benefits:

  • Lavender is rich in the terpene linalool, which is also found in many strains of cannabis (including hemp). The terpene adds a floral characteristic, while synergistically adding the benefit of working with CBD and the other cannabinoids found in hemp.
  • Wild Dagga is often used as an alternative to marijuana, with euphoric-like effects and exuberance. Wild Dagga is also able to heighten the benefits of the other herbs and botanicals in this smoking blend.
  • Rose is a sensual, evocative flower that adds both a light flavor & enjoyable effect on headspace. Rose is a natural aphrodisiac, lifting spirits and inspiring a deeper sense of love.
  • Spearmint adds a bright, light, and crisp flavor. Spearmint also helps calm nerves and relax the spirit, helping inspire a deeper sense of peace with every puff.

For over 5000 years, people have been using smokable herbs in spiritual, therapeutic & medicinal ceremonies. Our series of smokable hemp + botanical herbs continue this tradition, and contain no synthetic ingredients or tobacco ? only Oregon grown hemp, organic herbs, and synergistic botanicals.

  • 4 grams of premium CBD flower (Over 1/8th!)
  • Organic & Wild Sourced Botanicals
  • Ships to all 50 states via USPS

Directions: Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Designed for use in rolling or traditional herbal pipes.


Hemp CBD Flower, Mullein*, Lavender, Rose,?Blue Lotus, Spearmint,?Wild Dagga (*Certified Organic)

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 3 × 0.75 in

6 grams

Dosage & Usage

Dosage & Usage

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