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ACTIV-8 is a top-notch Delta-8 products manufacturer based in Orlando, USA. The company was founded a few years back with a mission of facilitating the Cannabinoids industry. Nowadays, it has become one of the most reputable names amongst cannabis lovers. Activ-8 has the expertise in manufacturing several Delta-8 products such as Energy Shot, Syrups, Gummies, and Disposable vapes. Even Though, the company has stepped into several Delta-8 based ventures, their syrups are the ones that have been celebrated the most.

At EZDelta8wholesale, we provide you with all authentic, lab-tested Activ-8 products that are beholden under expert supervision. We have Activ-8’s  Delta-8 syrups, Energy Shots, and disposables that are available in assorted flavors. Syrups are one of the most popular products offered by Activ-8 and here are some of its best selling flavors:

Cherry: The sweet cherries will instantly melt in your mouth after you pour this mouth-watering syrup in your preferred beverage. Mix it gently and woohoo, you are ready to enjoy your favorite drink.

Grape: The juicy texture of Grapes when combined with hemp is sufficient to turn any drink into delectable juice. Activ-8 grape is all you need to soothe your taste buds.

Orange: If you ever find flavor fatigue with Delta-8 syrups, then Activ-8 Orange is the perfect solution for you. Open, mix it with your desired beverage, and experience the flavor of tangy oranges like never before.

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