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What is THC-O? 
It is worth noting that THC-O is a pure isolate. THC-O lacks flavonoids and terpenes, which are found in other cannabis compounds. The end result is a viscous oil three times more potent than THC. Furthermore, nothing is known about the cannabinoid’s effects and benefits. THC-O offers a strong high, which users describe as an introspective, almost heavenly experience. It is claimed that it will transport you to a state similar to the ‘trips’ associated with milder hallucinogens. 

Where Can I Get THC-O Disposable?
When shopping for THC Vape Disposables,  it’s critical to only buy high-quality items from reputable vendors. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the product’s ingredients and lab reports, as well as the company’s reputation. Order THC-O disposable in bulk from Ezdelta8. We feature some of the top class THC-O disposables such as Torch extrax, Delta effex, Flying monkey, Sugar, BlackOut, Pacha and many more. Add some THC-O disposable vapes to your Ezdelta8 shopping cart right now! 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy a THC-O Disposable?
To purchase or use, you must be 21 or older. Purchase or use must be legal in your state or territory. 

Will You Fail A Drug Test If You Take THC-O? 
Yes, THC-O, like other THC products, is likely to produce a positive drug test result. Simple drug tests typically look for 11-hydroxy-THC, a THC metabolite produced by the body after consuming THC. THC analogues Delta-9, Delta-8, Delta-10, THC-O, and all other known THC analogues all cause the same metabolic response in the body. In other words, 11-hydroxy-THC will be present in your system regardless of the type of THC you consume.

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