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Perl Hemp Co Delta 8 Pomegranate Lemonade 25mg Gummies - 20ctDelta 8 Gummy Supplement Facts

Perl Hemp Co Delta 8 Pomegranate Lemonade 25mg Gummies – 20ct


– Perl Hemp Co Pomegranate Lemonade
– 25mg/pc | Gummies

* All orders containing chocolate or gummies products will be sent via FedEx 2 Day or USPS Priority Mail Express shipping, depending on the current weather conditions in the shipping destination unless the shipping destination is in a cooler climate. Please note in summer months FedEx 2 Day or USPS Priority Mail Express shipping will be the default shipping method. No matter the time of year, we only ship chocolate and gummies out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Perl Hemp is a renowned name in the business sector of Cannabinoids. The company has successfully niched itself in the world of Delta-8 infused products mainly edibles. Perl Hemp is one of the pioneers of hemp gummies and soon after its inception, it astonished the world with its Delta-8 candies that were praised immensely for their high quality and authenticity. Since then, Perl Hemp is incessantly tinkering to improve the world of hemp-derived edibles and their product arrives in assorted strains to satisfy the vast majority of its consumers.

At ezdelta8wholesale, we provide you with all authentic products of Perl Hemp that are carefully verified in standardized labs to make them safe for consumption. We give various discounts and offers on all of our products from time to time. As a wholesaler, we only allow the bulk purchase of Perl Hemp products. We have Perl Hemp mouth-watering gummies that come in various strains to enhance your hemp experience. Some of the top-selling flavors of Perl Hemp gummies are:

Pomegranate Lemonade: The concoction of juicy pomegranates and tart lemon is the ultimate way to delight your taste buds. This appealing strain carries a potent buzz to satisfy your urge for hemp. Perl Hemp gummies come in a pack of 10 gummies in which each one is sized at 25mg and these unique flavored candies are surely a mystical treat for those who want to fulfill their love for hemp in a much better and delicious manner.

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