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Lit Pipes is a premium brand that manufactures smoking pipes to facilitate the Cannabis community across the world. The company is well-known for its broad spectrum of products that arrive in various categories to meet the needs of masses. Despite being a challenging business to adapt, Lit Pipes has successfully niched in it and is now introducing a series of innovative smoking pipes to expand the horizon of its consumers and contenders.

At ezdelta8wholesale, we provide you with all types of Lit Pipes products in original and immaculate condition. As a wholesaler, we only allow bulk purchase of all Lit Pipes commodities that are lab-demonstrated and meet all essential standards. Our website features Lit Pipes’ Chillum Glass Pipe 3”, Lit Pipes Glass 4”, Lit Pipes Glass 3”, and Lit Pipes 2.5”. Some of the best selling products of Lit Pipes are:

Chillum Glass Pipe 3: Perhaps the most primitive and best medium to enjoy Cannabis. All you need is to fill the suitable Cannabinoids derived flower in the opposite side of the pipe, then it requires a lighter to burn the substance. It is advisable to slowly pull the smoke so that the substance heats up ideally to deliver a dense smoke. This product comes in the size of 3” that is perfect, if you want to carry out a long-running session.

Lit Pipes 2.5: It is another smoking alternative that Lit Pipes has innovated. This pipe comes in a glass body of 2.5 inches long that is ideal for short sessions. The sleek design of this glass pipe makes it portable and eye-catching especially when you are using it.

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