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The Brothers Apothecary is one of the most reputable CBD products manufacturers across the world. It was incorporated in 2015 in the USA with a vision of offering wholesome and delectable CBD wellness products. And within a few years, it has become the most popular topic amongst Cannabis enthusiasts. The company manufactures a wide range of CBD Edibles & other essential products that come in a top-notch quality. The Brothers Apothecary offers Daily Superfoods, Rosin Honey, Coconut oil, CBD Teas, and various types of Body products. 

At EZDelta8wholesale, we offer authentic all varieties of CBD products coming directly from The Brothers Apothecary inventory. Some of the top selling products of The Brother Apothecary are:

CBD Teas– The Brothers Apothecary has garnered an enormous amount of recognition with their CBD teas. This hemp derived tea comes in a wide range of flavors including Highbiscus Hemp, Golden Dream Hemp, Mystic Kava Root Hemp, and Buddha’s Berry Hemp.

CBD Honey– The second most sought-after product of The Brothers Apothecary is their delicious honey that comes in assorted flavors including Wild Rosin, Organic Lavender, Organic Turmeric, and Lemon Ginger.

Cocoa with CBD– The Brothers Apothecary’s delectable hot cocoa with CBD is something that you need to overcome a long hectic day. It comes in various soothing flavors to evoke your mind including Chocodelic Trip Hemp and Peppermint Chocolate treat.

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